Small car hire available in Esperance from just $50 per day or $7 per hour until you reach the day rate.


Our hire cars are well maintained so you can feel assured your visit to Esperance will go smoothly. Excellent5.0 Based on 4 reviews from review us onRaissa Mary Sampaio RochaRaissa Mary Sampaio Rocha ★★★★★ I recently had the pleasure of renting the Hyundai Getz from Kathryn, and I must say it was a seamless experience from start to finish. The Hyundai Getz itself was in impeccable condition, clean, and well-maintained, which made for a comfortable driving experience throughout my trip.Kathryn's customer service was top-notch. She was professional, accommodating, and made the rental process straightforward. The pickup and drop-off procedures were hassle-free, and Kathryn provided clear instructions, ensuring a smooth transition.In terms of performance, the Hyundai Getz proved to be reliable and fuel-efficient, making it ideal for both city driving and longer journeys. The car's compact size made parking and maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze, without compromising on interior comfort.Overall, my experience with Kathryn’s Hyundai Getz rental was outstanding. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a dependable and affordable car rental option.Response from the ownerThanks Raissa, you're most welcome! Hope you enjoyed your stay in Esperance. Alexandrina FoleyAlexandrina Foley ★★★★★ Esperance Car Hire - KathrynExcellent small car did the job well for us three adults - straight forward to hire- economical- was very convenient- highly recommendedResponse from the ownerThanks Alexandrina, happy you enjoyed your time here, and that we could help you! Walter RoweWalter Rowe ★★★★★ The car was in very good condition and very clean. The owners are easy to deal with. I would highly recommend esperance car hire.Jonas FerguisonJonas Ferguison ★★★★★ Excellent service. Awesome little car that the host dropped off at the airport for convenience. Cheap and easy experience, highly recommended.Response from the ownerYou're most welcome Jonas! js_loader


You have 24/7 support. Contact us during business hours by phone or email. If you need to talk to someone outside business hours you have the support of Uber Carshare.

Small car hire in Esperance

Hyundai Getz


4 doors

5 seats

Air conditioning

Folding rear seat

Contactless pickup and drop-off

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    Our hire car bookings are made through
How to Reserve a Car
    1. To make a reservation, simply
access the uber carshare website
    1. or
download the the uber carshare app
    search for available vehicles that match your requirements, and make a booking. There's no need to wait for the owner's confirmation.
    The duration of your trip can be as short as one hour and can be extended in 15-minute intervals.
Guidelines for the Journey
    Log in to the app 15 minutes prior to the start of your trip. We'll guide you step by step through the entire journey.
    Before You Begin...
    Remember, you're using someone else's car. Please treat it with the same care you would for a friend.
    Only you or other verified members are allowed to drive the car. Any other drivers won't be covered by damage and loss protection. Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes, is prohibited in the vehicle. If you or a passenger smoke, ensure all doors and windows are closed, and move at least 10 meters away from the car. Return the car clean and tidy for the next driver. If any issues arise, inform the owner—don't wait for them to discover damage, spills, or fines on their own.
Step 1: Retrieve the Keys and Locate the Car
    For Instant Keys cars:
    Access the app's Trips section to get the approximate location before your trip begins. The car's location will be displayed, allowing you to head in the right direction.
    15 minutes prior to your trip, select Pickup instructions. You'll receive step-by-step guidance on how and where to collect the car.
    Most Instant Keys cars have their keys in a lockbox, either on the car's window or attached to a nearby fence or building. The app will provide tailored instructions for the specific car you've booked.
    If the lockbox is on the car's window, remove it and store it securely in the car while driving.
    Some Instant Keys cars use Bluetooth technology, allowing you to unlock and lock the car via the app.
    For Key Handover cars:
    You'll need to meet the owner to collect the keys. The app will provide instructions for contacting the owner and arranging a meeting. The owner will inform you of the current parking location of the car.
Step 2: Inspect the Car and Capture Photos
    Once unlocked, perform a quick inspection of the car.
    As part of this process, the app will prompt you to take multiple photos of the car.
    Take photos of all sides of the car, including the interior, and upload them through the app. This is especially crucial if the car is in poor condition, dirty, or has less than a ¼ tank of fuel.
    You'll take more photos when returning the car. If you can't upload the photos immediately, make sure to do so within 48 hours of the trip's end.
    Your photos serve as protection. If damage is discovered later, and your before-and-after photos demonstrate that the damage wasn't caused during your trip, you won't be held accountable.
Step 3: Review the Owner's Instructions
    Each car is unique. The owner's instructions will provide insights and tips for using their specific car.
    You'll receive the owner's contact information in case you have any questions.
Step 4: Record the Odometer Reading (Key Handover only)
    For Key Handover cars: input the current odometer reading and upload a photo of the dashboard displaying the reading before driving.
Step 5: Refuel if Fuel is Below 1/4 Tank
    Ensure the fuel tank is at least ¼ full when returning the car, so the next driver can proceed with their journey. The car's instructions will specify the type of fuel to use.
    You don't need to pay for fuel separately—it's covered in the distance charge.
    If you need to refuel, use your own money and upload a photo of the receipt for reimbursement.
Step 6: Returning the Car
    When you're ready to return the car, access the app and initiate the return instructions. You'll receive guidance on where to park. Some cars have designated parking spots, such as garages or driveways, while others are parked on the street.
    In busy areas, allocate extra time to find parking at the end of your trip.
    For street-parked cars, carefully review the instructions and parking signs. Leaving a car in a location that results in a parking fine—even well after your trip ends—will necessitate payment of the fine.
Step 7: Verify, Lock, and Depart
    For Key Handover cars: record the final odometer reading and upload another photo of the dashboard (specific to Key Handover cars).
    For all cars: take additional photos that clearly show all angles of the car and its interior, and upload them via the app or website.
    Before leaving the car, ensure you have:
    Retrieved all your belongings Left the car clean with at least ¼ tank of fuel Closed all windows Turned off all lights Locked the doors Utilize the app to generate a lockbox code, place the key inside, and securely close the lockbox. If the lockbox was on the car's window, ensure it's returned to its original position.
Need More Time?
    Extending your trip via the app is simple, as long as no one else has reserved the car. Follow the prompts to set a new end time.
    To avoid late fees, extend the trip before it's due to conclude.
    If you return the car ahead of schedule, you'll still be charged for the booked time unless someone else makes a reservation. This is because the owner may have made arrangements based on your booking and missed the chance to rent the car to another person.
Not Yet a Member? Here's How to Join
    Becoming a verified member is free. Once verified, you'll have the ability to borrow cars, vans, and utes across Australia.
    The application process takes only a few minutes, and you can be on the road today.
    Paying for your journey involves two stages: the initial payment when booking and the subsequent payment after your trip concludes.
    Every vehicle comes with both hourly and daily rates. Your payment is based on an hourly rate until it reaches the daily rate. The daily rate is the maximum amount you will be charged for a 24-hour period.
    For instance, if a car's hourly rate is $5 and the daily rate is $25, you'll pay per hour until you've reached 5 hours (5 x $5 = $25), and then the charge will be capped at $25 for the remainder of the day.
    Certain cars might have higher rates on specific days or during particular times of the year. Additionally, some car owners offer discounts for bookings spanning 3 days or more, or 12 days or more.
    A booking fee of $6.99 is applied to ensure the smooth operation of our platform.
    Basic Cover, which costs 10% of the time charges, provides compensation for damage and loss during your trip.
    You have the option to add Premium Cover, which reduces your excess from $2,000 to $500. This can be availed for an extra $1.50 per hour or $18 per day.
    A preliminary deposit of $150 is required at the time of booking. This deposit is refundable after your trip, following the deduction of your driving expenses. More details about this $150 deposit can be found on our website.
    After your trip, additional expenses may arise, including distance charges. You're charged per kilometer driven, with the car owner setting the rate (21c, 33c, 39c, 45c, or 53c). This fee covers damage and loss protection, fuel, and operational costs.
    If you pass through any tolls, they will be added to your final trip cost. A processing fee of $0.86 is applied to each toll charge. You're not required to purchase a toll pass or bring your own toll tag, as tolls are automatically monitored and billed.
    Various supplementary fees are imposed to ensure the best experience for all members. These fees cover matters such as late returns, cleanliness, damage, lost keys, and parking violations. A comprehensive list of administrative and inconvenience fees can be found on our platform.
    Every trip comes with damage coverage provided by Mobility Mutual. If you're accountable for any damage or loss to a rented car, the maximum amount you'll have to pay is your excess, with certain exceptions.
    Your Responsibility for Damage and Loss
    You are liable for any damage or loss occurring to the car from the moment you pick it up until you return it, along with the keys. This holds true even if the damage is not your fault, such as instances involving falling tree branches, hailstorms, or hit-and-run incidents.
    Excess Options
    The expense you'll bear for damage expenses hinges on the type of coverage you opt for from Mobility Mutual when booking:
    Basic Cover: $2000 excess (mandatory for all trips)
    Premium Cover: $500 excess (optional, at an additional rate of $1.50 per hour or $18 per day)
    Safeguarding Against Damage Costs
    Accidents are unpredictable, even for cautious drivers. Here are several ways to safeguard yourself from unexpected damage expenses:
  1. Lower your excess by selecting Premium Cover while booking or prior to commencing your trip.
  2. Upload clear photos of the entire car before and after your journey.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the coverage exclusions below, as you might be liable for complete damage costs if any exclusions apply.
    Covered Events
    Upon booking a trip, it becomes your responsibility to return the car in the same condition as you received it. Any loss or damage during your trip, even if not your fault, falls on you.
    The Trip Cover provides protection for damage or loss that you are responsible for according to our Member Agreement. This includes:
  • Damage to the reserved car
  • Theft or fire-related loss of the car
  • Charges for towing, storage, and recovery
  • Loss and damage incurred by third parties
    1. Exclusions
      Certain situations are not covered by the policy. You might be liable for total costs in case you:
  • Use the car for towing
  • Drive off-road or on unsealed surfaces
  • Navigate through water or beaches
  • Drive above the snow line during snowy seasons
  • Misfuel the car
  • Damage the underbody, roof, or other parts by driving over or under objects
  • Overload the car with passengers or cargo
  • Drive for rideshare or courier services, engage in competitive driving, or pick up hitchhikers
  • Transport dangerous or illegal items or use the car for unlawful activities
  • Operate the car recklessly, in violation of traffic rules, while using a mobile device, or under the influence
  • Ignore warning lights or operate the car in an unsafe condition
  • Drive while intoxicated or refuse a sobriety test
  • Leave the car unlocked or fail to secure the key upon return
  • Jump-start the car or use it to jump-start another
  • Commit fraud or withhold relevant information for a damage claim
  • Leave the scene of an accident
  • Permit non-approved individuals to drive the car
  • Fail to return the car within two hours after your trip's end time
    1. Eligibility for coverage requires you to:
  • Swiftly report any damage or theft
  • Gather information about other parties involved in an accident and wait for law enforcement if needed
  • Cooperate in the claim process by providing information and documents
    1. The Trip Cover does not extend to loss or damage of personal belongings in the car.
      For a comprehensive list of exclusions, refer to the Trip Cover Protection Wording. In case of any discrepancies between this summary and the full terms in the Trip Cover Protection Wording, the latter will take precedence.
      Coverage Recipients
      Coverage applies when you or any authorized Uber Carshare member drives the car during a valid booking. If an unapproved individual drives, coverage is not applicable.
      Sharing driving duties with another Uber Carshare member is free. Nomination or addition to your booking is unnecessary as long as they are approved members before driving.
      For manual transmission cars, all drivers must possess at least two years of manual driving experience.
      Coverage Duration
      Your Trip Cover is active during the booking period outlined in the Protection Schedule. It commences when you collect the car and concludes at the end of your trip. Failure to return the car on time could result in loss of coverage. Extend your trip in the app if you need more time.
      Potential Liabilities
      In cases where you are responsible for damage or loss, you will be accountable for costs pertaining to:
  • Repairs or replacement of damaged vehicle parts (excluding normal wear and tear)
  • Loss due to theft or fire damage
  • Towing, storage, and recovery expenses
  • Fees connected to damage assessment
  • Third-party loss
    1. Payment to the car's owner for each day the vehicle is unavailable due to the loss Your maximum liability is your excess ($2000 with Basic Cover or $500 with Premium Cover), pending acceptance of your claim by Mobility Mutual. If any of the aforementioned cover exclusions apply, you won't be covered and will be liable for complete repair or replacement expenses.
      In third-party accidents where you are not at fault, pay your excess initially, and we will reimburse costs recovered from the responsible party. Obtain contact details from other drivers involved in such accidents.
      Functioning of Damage Cover
      Uber Carshare offers damage cover for trips in partnership with Mobility Mutual. When you book an Uber Carshare trip, you automatically become a member of Mobility Mutual. Your trip cost includes a contribution to this mutual fund, pooled with contributions from fellow Uber Carshare members.
      To enroll as a member, you should meet the following criteria:
    1. Be at least 18 years old (details below if you're under 21) but no more than 85 years old.
    2. Have not experienced any license suspensions, disqualifications, major traffic offenses, or incidents related to alcohol/drugs while driving in the past 5 years.
    3. Have no convictions or pending convictions for criminal offenses in any jurisdiction.
    4. Possess a full unrestricted driving license without provisional plates or provisional licenses.
    5. Hold a valid credit or debit card with adequate credit to cover your excess for the entire borrowing period, along with any upfront trip payments or deposits.
    6. Maintain a satisfactory credit history, as a credit check will be conducted during the registration process.
      Under 21?
      If your age falls between 18 and 20, you're eligible to join as long as you possess a full license (excluding provisional licenses or provisional plates). If you're under 21, your ability to book cars in the City of Sydney will be limited. Once you reach 21, you'll have access to our complete range of vehicles, including cars, vans, and utes, throughout Australia.
      If you're on provisional plates and wish to rent a car, you can still become a member. Refer to the 'P-plates or provisional licenses' section below for further details.
      Not an Australian citizen?
      International drivers are welcome to join. Refer to our information for drivers from abroad.
      P-plates or provisional licenses
      Please note that the damage and loss coverage applies exclusively to fully licensed drivers. If you hold a provisional license or are on your provisional plates (red or green), you won't be able to join at the moment. However, once you transition from provisional plates and obtain a full license, you'll be eligible for membership and car bookings.
      If you're on provisional plates and interested in renting out your car, you can join, but you won't be able to borrow cars from others. If you list your car for rent, we'll provide information on how the process works.
      Digital license only?
      Unfortunately, we cannot accept digital licenses as we have no means of verifying them. All drivers are issued physical licenses, and Service NSW advises carrying the physical license to prevent any inconvenience.
      This requirement is applicable during the application process only. Once approved as a member, drivers may use their digital license where allowed by state laws.
      Continued eligibility is linked to your driving record. If you're involved in a traffic incident or commit a traffic violation during your membership, you must inform us or cancel your membership. In case of a damage claim, we'll request an official copy of your driving record. Failure to disclose your complete driving history might result in a lack of coverage.
    The car's owner covers the cost of fuel for the vehicle. Subsequently, they are compensated for each kilometer driven by borrowers based on the chosen distance income.Borrowers are responsible for covering their fuel usage through the distance charge.Regardless of whether it's the car owner or a borrower driving, it's essential to ensure that the car has at least a quarter tank of fuel when returned.If a borrower needs to refuel during their journey, they use their own funds and provide a receipt for reimbursement. The fuel expenditure is subtracted from the final trip charge.Fuel expenses incurred by borrowers during a trip are reflected in the owner's monthly invoice and balanced against the distance income.The pay-and-refund system serves multiple purposes:
    1. Enhances transparency: Owners have visibility into every fuel receipt uploaded by borrowers and can report any concerns.
    2. Increases oversight: Receipts are reviewed to verify the correctness of fuel type and quantity purchased by the borrower.
    3. Minimizes upfront costs for borrowers: Any fuel expenses are subtracted from the trip charge, eliminating the need for borrowers to wait for a refund while covering the costs themselves.